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[] OCL and UML natures and validation


Happy new year to all.

Background  No UML nature/builder/validator  Inconsistent *.ecore validation

As a consequence of OCL implementing the new EAnnotationValidator support, OCL embedded in Ecore files is validated from M4 onwards. This reacts badly with OCL's parasitic use of the Xtext nature/builder and so from M5, OCL will have its own conventional nature and builder that can validate OCL-related files. The relevance for the Papyrus project is that those projects that have an OCL nature will now have their UML files auto-validated causing previously hidden UML and/or OCL bugs to appear in the Problems View and Package Explorer.  As is often the case with better tooling, users  may need to address their oversights. The 'new' errors should be correctly materialized in diagrams where they will need to be resolved since downstrream tooling such as GenModel quite reasonably fails in the presence of errors. However there will be a potential for users with and without the OCL nature to have confusingly different Papyrus experiences. Papyrus may look to avoid this by reusing the "Convert to OCL" project editor start up prompt and may choose to eliminate Papyrus' own population of Problem makers in favour of the auto-builder markers. Papyrus may choose to have a Papyrus nature/builder that extends the OCL builder to provide Papyrus added-value.

The OCL diagnostics at M4 have poor localization and inconsistenty severities. These are fixed at M5 where the OCL nature and builder shou;d give consistent functionality. An I-build should be available in a day or two.

The OCL validation of UML and other files is configurable by moving "uml" from "enabledExtensions" to "disabledExtensions" in the buildCommand dictionary of each .project file.

The OCL validation of UML files will cease once the UML project provides its own nature and builder.

The OCL validation of Ecore should be suppressed if there is an Xtext nature and will cease once the EMF Core project provides its own nature and builder.


        Ed Willink

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