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[] Collaborative-Modeling Target Platform

Hi, Team,

What is the target platform of the Collaboration Modeling builds (specifically, Papyrus Compare) supposed to be?  I have a Gerrit patch that is failing [1] because it is doesn’t find the Architecture Definition bundles from SysML14 version 1.1.  Is the TP not supposed to be at least Oxygen for nightly builds in the Photon development stream?

Perhaps it’s just a matter of updating the target definition to take another SysML build, which is only a test dependency, anyways.  Would it be okay if I did that?  I ask the more general question because this problem reminds me that I don't know how the TP is intended to be maintained, what platform versions this (sub-)project wants to support, and how that may all be different to what EMF Compare is doing (and formerly did with these plug-ins).

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