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Dear all,

we are currently working on a fix for Bug 516459 - [Diagram] Navigation mechanism with Alt+hover does not work on Linux

The inspiration for the navigation menu in Papyrus is the menu in JDT that comes up if you move the mouse while pressing and holding CTRL. When we introduced the menu first to Papyrus, we used the ALT key instead of CTRL, since CTRL+click is already used for multi-selection

The original issue that the navigation menu vanishes immediately on Linux could be quite trivially solved. But it was not possible to use the combination hold ALT+click, since that is typically already used by the Window manager. In a first fix for the master branch (photon), we've changed the behavior: the menu comes up by pressing "Alt" once, i.e. it does not go away when "Alt" is  released.

A disadvantage of this option is that the activation of the menu is quite different than the one in JDT. An alternative option in the gerrit below is to use CTRL+SHIFT (press+hold) as trigger for the menu which makes the solution closer to the to the JDT behavior.

We'd like to have your feedback which solution you prefer and whether we should also correct the issue on oxygen while changing the key binding (note that the menu is also available via the context menu, i.e. its not very critical that it does not work on Linux and probably MacOS).

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