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[] SysML download link is broken & some questions

Hi. The following link, from the SysML page (clicking on "Download->RCP") yields a "Not Found".

Apparently the real link is 

A couple of questions:

1) Which version is for SysML 1.1? Is it Neon 0.9.x? or Mars?

2) Can models from SysML 1.1 be migrated to SysML 1.4 in Oxygen 1.0.0 or are there any known limitations?

3) Are there significant differences between support for SysML 1.4 in Neon 0.10.0 and SysML1.4 in Oxygen 1.0.0? Can models from Neon be migrated to Oxygen?


Ernesto Posse

Ernesto Posse

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