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[] MARTE component

Dear all,

we have made a release (1.2.2) of the MARTE component, see

The main changes include

(1) BugĀ 519546 separation of the UI (palette) aspects from the profile definition - which had been in a single plugin before. The profile itself can be used without modification in Papyrus neon and oxygen. We might supply additional user interface support for Papyrus oxygen later.

(2) BugĀ 519407 re-generation of the profile. The patch had been necessary to fix an issue in combination with CDO. The change requires a re-application of the profile to existing models.

Best regards


Ansgar Radermacher                CEA/DRT/DILS/LISE
phone: +33 16908 3812
mailto: ansgar.radermacher@xxxxxx

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