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[] Model verification tool project

Hello, my name HANI ALDEBS i am graduated student from Damascus university From Syria i have been using eclipse many years and used many plugins that come With eclipse, one of them was Papyrus Modeling environment.
My graduate project was verification tool for UML Statechart i used Papyrus to draw The diagram then i export it as XML file with the extension .uml that Papyrus provide
My project was to transfer the Statechart to Petri Net (data flow ) Then to Promela Language (Process Meta Language ) that will be the input for model checker Program that called  SPIN it is open source program for test models and check for Deadlocks and lack of synchronisation and many others.
My dream to add this verification tool as a feature in Papyrus it really helps to make Sure that your model in right way and will behave as you expected.
Please reply to my email if found this project helpful and i will provide a demo that Include a full functionality of the project. 

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