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Re: [] CSS Priorities



I’m agree with that, this priority order make more sense.

Does this change introduce API break to be cherry pick to 3.1? Do you use the API baseline tool?




De : [] De la part de Camille Letavernier
Envoyé : mardi 11 juillet 2017 17:21
À :
Objet : [] CSS Priorities


Hi all,


We've noticed an issue with the priorities of stylesheets declared in the Viewpoint/Architecture context (Which is actually an old issue, probably affecting at least Neon as well): as they are implemented in the same class as the Diagram stylesheets, they have the same priority (The viewpoint actually has a slightly higher priority in most cases). [1]


The idea for CSS was that "Tool stylesheets" have a lower priority, while "User" stylesheets have a higher one (i.e. more specific stylesheets have a higher priority).


The consequence of this bug is that, if a Viewpoint defines a rule (e.g. hides a Label), it may be impossible to override it, even via a rule defined in a CSS applied directly to the diagram (e.g. show the label hidden by the viewpoint).


A Gerrit patch [2] has been proposed to add a new priority level specifically for Viewpoints, rather than merging them with local diagram stylesheets. This priority is higher than user (Workspace) Theme, but lower than local (Diagram/Model/Project) stylesheets. This allows viewpoints to define "default preferences" but still lets the user to make local, diagram-specific adjustments.


This may however change some existing diagrams using local stylesheets. So, if you are concerned about this, please review the bug & patch, and speak up! :)


[1] 519412: Viewpoint Stylesheets have a very high priority






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