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Re: [] Oxygen release and new branches



As I already raised the problem internally 2 days ago, I remain on my position and plead that we should destroy that branch

and keep master for both (Oxygen and Photon) until at least after Oxygen.2 (September)


Indeed, there are numerous patches that should still go in Oxygen

(The first one is obviously the model indexer fix from Christian [1])

This new branch forces us to do many cherry-pick/build/… whereas there is no reason (at least none announced) to create this photon branch.





De : [] De la part de LE MENEZ Quentin
Envoyé : vendredi 16 juin 2017 15:41
À : Papyrus Project list <>
Objet : [PROVENANCE INTERNET] [] Oxygen release and new branches


Hello Everyone,


Oxygen Rc4 being published it will, if all goes well, be the new Oxygen release for papyrus. That being said the most observant among you might have seen the new branch that appeared Wednesday (streams/3.0-maintenance), which will be used for future Oxygen maintenance and developments for the next service releases, along with new jobs tailored for it on Papyrus’ HIPP [1].


The Master branch now represents developments for Photon [2] and all of those should be backported to streams/3.0-maintenance if they are to be on the next Oxygen.1 release. Of course this should never be the other way around J.



Master is dead, long live Master!







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