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[] Papyrus M6

Hi all,


Tomorrow, we will build the M6 for Papyrus. M6 corresponds to the API freeze. In theory, all major changes to the Papyrus API have already been integrated, and from now on, there shouldn’t be any surprise for M6.


However, we’ve already planned to change a few APIs after M6, in the following area:


-          ReadOnly support (ReadOnlyHandler, ReadOnlyManager)

-          ControlMode API


The new service registry implementation/API should also be integrated between M6 and M7, but the current service implementations will still be compatible, so I guess this is not really an API change.


To all Papyrus committers: if you still plan some major API changes, please wait after M6 (And let me know ASAP). As the build is tomorrow, and as we plan API changes anyway, I really prefer to avoid integrating them in hurry tomorrow.


I also remind everyone that M7 is the feature-freeze milestone, and the last 4 weeks should be dedicated to bug-fixes only.



Thank you,


Camille Letavernier

+33 (0)1 69 08 00 59 - camille.letavernier@xxxxxx

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