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Re: [] Papyrus last build

Hi, Camille,

If there's anything I can do to help you get the build fixed, please let me know!  At this point, it looks like the extra-plugins build is building an older revision of the CDO plug-ins than what corresponds to the main-line trunk.  It appears that an API that was not abstract in an earlier revision now is, so it is most likely that the extra-plugins build is "behind" the SVN state-of-the-art.



On 2013-03-12, at 12:54 PM, LETAVERNIER Camille <Camille.LETAVERNIER@xxxxxx> wrote:

I’ve merged the CDO plug-ins to the trunk, but due to the SVN failure, I couldn’t finish the job. And it doesn’t work yet.
One plug-in is missing from the extra build, and I cannot fix it. You should simply uninstall the CDO component (Or the whole extra component, then reinstall everything but CDO).
Camille Letavernier
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