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[] Papyrus: Roadmap meeting

Hi all,


As said in a previous email, I do think it is now time to have this meeting for defining the Papyrus Roadmap more explicitly. So, I propose you a first round to try to get a date before then end of this year:


If we do no success I try to get a date early January 2009.


For the place, I would propose to do it in Paris, because it is maybe easier for everyone.







Dr. Sébastien Gérard

Head of MDD for DRES research project


Boîte courrier 65, GIF SUR YVETTE

CEDEX, F-91191 France

Phone/fax : +33 1 69 08 58 24 / 83 95

Leader of the Eclipse Component Papyrus (The UML2 Graphical Modeler):


Before printing, think about the environment


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