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Re: [] Problem with papyrus build execution

Hi Emilien,

	The compiler compliance is already changed on oep.wizards on svn. But
the builds was uploaded before this update. I plan to rebuild and
synchronize the both update sites this afternoon with the last commits
(di, sasheditor, 100% cpu fix, ...) and java 1.5 compliance.

Obeo, Model Driven Company
"Code is a model, Show me the model!"

Le jeudi 13 novembre 2008 à 11:34 +0100, Emilien PERICO a écrit :
> Hi all,
> I tried to install to papyrus build (made by obeo the 12th) from the
> update site.
> All features are correctly installed but I'm not able to start a new
> papyrus empty model.
> I can't do this because of execution environment constraint on the
> wizard (oep.wizards needs JavaSE 1.6)
> We already have the problem of Java version in our development and I
> think we must decide which one use to avoid constant  modification by
> all of us.
> Just to remind that the recommended environnement to use Eclipse is
> Java 5 JRE.
> It would be better if all of us use it.
> About the Papyrus build, maybe we should change this constraint to be
> compliant with Eclipse recommendations.
> If not, we must add Java-1-6 in requirements for the papyrus build,
> but we have to decide quickly and change this.
> Regards,

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