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RE: [] Papyrus Demo at ESE 2008

Hi Kenn,

> My MDT presentation at Eclipse Summit Europe is at 17:00 on Wednesday,
> November 19. Are you any closer to having a more polished demo that I
> can use?

We have published two Update site on the Obeo site:

* The first site contains all plugins selected for the IPZilla (Papyrus
Core and the GMF diagrams : EMFTree, Class, Activity, Sequence and
UseCase diagrams)
  - it required this : 
      - Eclipse Ganymede
      - EMF Runtime and Tools 2.4.1
      - GMF Runtime 1.1.2
      - UML2 End Users 2.2.1
      - OCL 2.0 End Users 1.2.2
      - EMF Model Query Runtime 1.2.0
  - This Update-Site is here :

* The second site contains all plugins in development/experimentation
(all IPZIlla plugins and several integration plugins kind like Papyrus I
diagrams, UMl2tools clazz diagram integration, Java reverse ...)
   - it required additionnal plugins :
      - EMFT EcoreTools Runtime 0.8.0
      - MDT UML2Tools Runtime 0.8.1
   - This Update-Site is here :

So, IMHO the first one is better for a demo.

Obeo, Model Driven Company
"Code is a model, Show me the model!"

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