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[] MM2 downloads clean up.


We are being encouraged again to clean up downloads to reduce mirrors pressure.

For OCL, QVTo and QVTd, I have pruned the ZIPs to recent (2 years) releases and current I/N/S. Nothing was that desparate to move to archive. Now that there are 4 releases per year, 2 years has rather more cost than the old occasional maintenance releases inflicted.

I have similarly pruned many old nightly/interim/milestones releases, in particular some with vintage permissions that I did not have access to (except by using the Jenkins Shell Job).

Ed Merks has produced a helpful archive that now uopdates regularly. e.g. browse from

where QVTo 1.0, 2.0 and ATL 2.0, 3.0 can be found under vintage file paths. I propose that these be relocated to accompany their siblings.

There is also some loose features,plugins content of 2010 vintage. I suspect that these are relics of some releng mistake. I propose to delete everything that is not clearly associated with a named/numbered release. I have not seen anything that might correspond to ATL 1.x.

This deletion should only impact users dependent on a perhaps erroneous 9 year old P2 URL; presumably very few users and even fewer using a perverse location. In the unlikely event that some user really wants the old repo, the archive ZIPs remain available from the EF, but not from mirrors.

Given that vintage P2 repos represent nearly 50% of the mirrored P2 load, and given that anyone browsing the top level releases repo gets to load all the content files of all releases, do we really want to penalize all users and mirrors with 10 years of releases when very few want anything more than 5 years old? I suggest that all more-than-5-year-old P2 repos are moved to archive and removed rather than redirected from the composite repo relieving mirror pressure and useless content loading time. The PMI downloads page can provide links to the vintage P2 repos as alternatives to the archived ZIPs linked from the downloads pages.


Ed Willink

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