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[] Deprecation: org.eclipse.ocl.ecore, org.eclipse.ocl.uml content-types, *.oclecore, *.ocluml and *.oclxmi file extensions


The deprecation of the

org.eclipse.ocl.ecore and org.eclipse.ocl.uml content-types
*.oclecore, *.ocluml and *.oclxmi file extensions

is announced on

There are no known usages of these declarations. If you know otherwise, please comment on

*.ocl and *.oclinecore file extensions are not affected.
The org.eclipse.ocl.ecore and org.eclipse.ocl.uml plugins are affected only in so far as they host the deprecated extension point declarations.

This is a deprecation announcement. It is unlikely that the deletion will occur before Photon+2.


        Ed Willink

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