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[] 6.2 and Xtext compatibility



It has not been possible to accommodate the breaking API changes in Xtext 2.9, consequently the Neon 6.1 release editors must be generated with Xtext 2.8.4. This is a pain for OCL development and ripples to all re-users of the OCL grammars, such as QVT.

I therefore propose to create a 'no-change' 6.2 release that is built using Xtext 2.10 and imposes much tighter lowerbounds on dependencies.

Luna/Mars/Neon users can therefore use the 6.1 Neon release.

Neon/... developers can use the 6.2 release / GIT master.

(If Xtext supports VSCode's Language Server Protocol (see ide-dev thread today) then no doubt another major change is on the way.)


        Ed Willink

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