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Re: [] Latest commits

Hi Ed,

Thanks for making this happen.

Now that everything is in master, and seizing the new year we are starting, I've done a clean up of local and remote branches.

Prior to stress the new scheduler, I want to do a new review/clean up of the QVTp2QVTg component. I presume that the amount of cases we have in hands should be enough to accept the changes.

Since we are kinda of "stable" state, I'll start to launch bugzillas + branches to track every change and/or failure I consider you should look at.

My OCL2QVTp still relies on Epsilon, I'm unsure that we need to change this now, but I'm happy to translate it to java if you wanted.


On 02/01/2016 19:04, Ed Willink wrote:

I've pushed a variety of work in progress contributions to QVTd GIT master. They rely on OCL tag I201601021212 available as

The new Java-based scheduler from me
The Java versions of QVTc2QVTu, QVTu2QVTm and QVTu2QVTp from Horacio/me
More CS2AS tests/fixes from Adolfo

There are now four QVTdMtcTests that do not need Epsilon support; two go the whole way from QVTc to Java.

Currently Epsilon/Java-based functionality co-exists via boolean arguments/duplicate methods in MtcBroker.

M5 is in four weeks time. I will probably delete all Epsilon related functionality for M5.


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