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[] OCL UML 2.5 alignment


I have finally closed the gap in the unmodified UML(2.5).xmi to Pivot.ecore to *.java transformation chain, so that we no longer rely on a UML genmodel for modified UML 2.2 models. The resulting Pivot.ecore is identical, or rather the control file for the QVTo transformations has sufficient directives to make it the same.

However Ecore genmodels are less powerful/confusing than UML genmodels. This means that isXXX attributes now have an isIsXXX() rather than isXXX() accessor. This is a breaking change that affects tightly coupled QVTd plugins.

Currently the master branches contain the UML 2.2-based models, and ewillink/master contains the new UML 2.5-based models.

I need to promote them for M6, so please try to rebase on ewillink/master and let me know of any problems. In the absence of any problems, I will promote on Thursday morning.

The final commit on QVTd GIT ewillink/master fixes isIsXXX() in Epsilon scripts. These changes were prompted by a JUnit test failure. Why didn't the Epsilon editor detect these changes, and are the changes correct?


        Ed Willink

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