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Re: [] Third party dependencies


I was dealing with new requirement, but I'm unclear of real benefits of enhancing ocl.setup with this. Do those specific project compile out of the box ? Or should I bloat the IDE and/or Target platform with additional dependencies ? should I gather them or do you have some requirements about which features install. Do we want to bloat/confuse the user when they are setting up OCL via oomph ?

I guess that tracking this API evolution is probably just for this milestone M6, and having you already with those projects in your workspace should be enough.

Unless you encourage me with more arguments to tackle this, I prefer not to include this in the ocl.setup


On 04/02/2015 16:35, Ed Willink wrote:

Acceleo and Papyrus have both updated successfully for M5.

The following are plugins that depend on Pivot-based OCL and so provide
API evolution constraints.

Perhaps the Oomph setup might have an option to load them.


         Ed Willink

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