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Re: [] M4 JDT bug

Ed, thank you for pointing to problems in QVTO.

The problem that exists in M4 is that when Eclipse plug-ins have cyclic dependencies and simultaneously contain incorrect import statements, this produces in QVTO M4 StackOverflow exceptions.

The bug is fixed, so you can use the I-build ( if you were hurt by the mentioned problem.

The reason this happened is that a lot of new functionality were implemented for QVTo M4 build. Beside others the Bug 433937 "Add support for libraries from other projects" created above problem.
As mentioned, the problem is already fixed.


On Mon, Dec 22, 2014 at 12:26 AM, Ed Willink <ed@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Do not try to upgrade to JDT M4.

means that all code with @NonNull on a for loop iterator will fail to compile.

eclipse-SDK-N20141220-1500 seems fine (unless perhaps you use a Mac).

Do not upgrade to QVTo M4. Stick with M3.



                Ed Willink

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