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Re: [] LPG support


The five (cloned to 6) LPG executables are now in the build plugin.

[The classic support can be adjusted once the build plugin is promoted to non-examples.]

The "Generate LPG *" launches in ewillink/ocl25 use them to produce LPG variants of the four Xtext grammars. They are all LALR(1) and conflict free.

Only trivial changes were needed once the QVTo transformations were debugged.

'::*' rather than '::' '*' for the tail of an import
a couple of keywords migrated from restricted to reserved.

There is only untested action code for the lexers. What does the parser action code need to do to join up nicely to the automated CS2AS functionality? Probably like Xtext, it must install a CS proxy for each reference. Perhaps this proxy can be coupled more directly avoiding the complexities of URI lookup.


        Ed Willink

On 10/10/2014 13:36, Adolfo Sanchez-Barbudo Herrera wrote:

Which users ? This shouldn't be used by end users, just very occasionally (classic code fixes) by you and perhaps by me.

Resuming, no better ideas but I'd not melt the brain with this, even a simple README/HOW_TO should suffice for us.

On 08/10/2014 15:16, Ed Willink wrote:

Just tried running LPG. Failed since I now only have win32-x86-x64

LPG seems to have stabilized; 2.0.23 is 3 years old. 2.0.20 is announced
as the latest. We still use 2.0.17.

There is no 64 bit Windows distribution but the 32 bit one works fine.
Just need to clone lpg.generator.win32-x86 as
lpg.generator.win32-x86-x64 and rename the internal lpg.exe similarly.

This isn't very user friendly and developing, documenting and
integrating a custom installation script seems hardly justified.

Waiting for LPG to support 64 bit Windows may take a long time so suggest:

Copy all lpg.exe's into our build plugin, allowing a suitable rename for
64 bit Windows. This will also avoid users having to close all the
unwanted LPG fragments that give errors on the 'wrong' platform.

Any better ideas?


         Ed Willink

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