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Re: [] No master


Problem solved. 'master' is back.

The privileges on force-push have varied from generous when first set up, to limited with Gerrit, to generous again when I winged.

The platform has a hybrid policy, most branches cannot be force-pushed, but those prefixed by a committer name can. I've requested that we have the same policy. In order to exploit this my edw/nnnn branches will have to migrate to ewillink/nnnn.

Of course, excepting master, it will be possible to delete and push anyway.


        Ed Willink

On 10/06/2014 07:12, Ed Willink wrote:


I'm trying again to rectify the bad push to master that was 'fixed' by renaming the bad master to 'wrongMaster'.

'wrongMaster' has been successfully updated to point at the master commit.

'master' has been deleted.

Just waiting for IT to rename.


        Ed Willink
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