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Re: [] Updating project and marketplace

Hi Adolfo


I must update more generally

Of my Luna goals

- promotion of stable pivot to non-examples
- UML 2.5 CG
- Validity View
- Debugger

something clearly isn't going to get done.

With active OCL 2.5 discussions, I'm inclined to delay the non-examples promotions, so that Luna is a simple +0.1 release with no intermediate releases, unless mandated by breaking EMF/UML2 changes.



On 18/11/2013 10:35, Adolfo Sanchez-Barbudo Herrera wrote:
Hi Ed,

While looking for the project plan, I seized the opportunity to update the project web page [1] (to include some downloads information) and the market place [2] (to update the SR1 version -4.1.1-)


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