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Re: [] Better feature for the editors

Hi Laurent

Unfortunately my progress is glutinous so a re-featuring will not naturally occur till Luna.

If you want something sooner
- raise a Bugzilla motivating the sub-featuring that you would like
- a patch would be very welcome; features are easy but tedious

If you do the patch and use obviously sensible o.e.o.examples... names we can probably do this for M3.

My guess would be to split

E&E into E&E { Classic {IA, Console} , Pivot { RunTime, CodeGen, UI { EssentialOCL, CompleteOCL, OCLinEcore, OCLstdlib, Console }}, Examples}}


        Ed Willink

On 31.10.2013 10:15, Laurent Goubet wrote:

Up until now, I installed the "pivot" ocl through the "OCL Examples
and Editors" feature on your update site. I was wondering though : is
there any means to install the editors *without* the examples? I'd
like to install the CompleteOCL editor ... but I do not care about the
examples. Looking at the feature, it seems to include a very large
number of plugins, most of which seem to be useless for the editors to
work. I also think there should be a way to install the CompleteOCL
editor without installing the OCLInEcore functionality, but that's
another matter.

Are there any plans to provide a more comprehensive feature for the
OCL editors? Could a patch separating the examples and editors be

Laurent Goubet

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