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Re: [] Gerrit Usage

On 15/08/2013 13:50, Adolfo Sanchez-Barbudo Herrera wrote:
> After today's experimentation I find the Eclipse Gerrit-related tooling
> very useful

More information to be more precise (+ => pro, - => cons) regarding the Review editor:

+ You can open the compare editor for files changed in the patch set, with a simple double click.

+ The review editor, has a "Fetch..." button which, by default, creates a local branch with the patch set (just in case, you preferred to work with local branches)

- The review editor, doesn't allow me to edit the code review, so in the end I have to use web UI to add comments, add reviewers, or whatever means changing the status of the code review. I guess this should be an authoring issue which could have not been solved (in the bugzilla I mentioned some threads before) so I hope to be sorted out soon. I'll ask in the forum.


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