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[] Playing with gerrit

Hi Ed,

Playing around with Gerrit and after having some reading, I have some comments:

After pushing to Gerrit a second commit for the fix you blocked. Now we have two pending changes to review:

b) (which depends on a))

Which is not definitely what I would have wished

In Gerrit documentation I've found:

"To add an additional patch set to a change, ensure Change-Id lines were created in the original commit messages"

So my second commit should have included the following line in the commit message:

Change-Id: I5814ceb238e511a8a56420f54550a8c3389c8c18

Next try. I've commited a new change using the Change-Id of b), to see if I obtain a second patch set for the second Gerrit change. However my Gerrit push (refs/for/master) is rejected.

I decided to reject (-2) my Gerrit change, just in the improvable case Gerrit-enabled GIT repo were so clever to not accept changes until some reviewing actions were taken. It was not the case .

I'll go on investigations tomorrow.

BTW, If I'm not wrong we can configure hudson jobs (branch tests for example?) to make it autimotically verify a Gerrit change. This sounds quite useful.

P.S: Gerrit doc:


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