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Re: [] Kepler fixes release

Hi Ed,

Not sure if this concerns OCL RTF.

I guess you wanted to use the MDT-OCL Dev mailing list.

What is an M0 ?. A luna milestone ?. If so, it doesn't clash with SR policies in which non API changes should be done, so I see no problem.

Features version should accordingly be changed to avoid confusion, with future SR1.

On 15/07/2013 10:54, Ed Willink wrote:

My fixes for Bug 412685 are very serious for UML users, but go well
beyond what I am comfortable with putting a service release.

M1 is a long way away.

Do we want to do an M0 to pick up all the Kepler fixes. Installable on
Kepler but not 100% API compatible in the examples.



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