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Re: [] Kelper SR reviews

Hi Ed, Laurent,

I'm always willing to learn new things :), specially when they improve my daily activities.

On 12/07/2013 14:09, Ed Willink wrote:
Hi Laurent

Thanks for the timely prod.

I saw EMF discussing a move to general enthusiasm and put it on my
things to do stack.

I guess it's time to pop it off.

Adolfo: Do you want to move to Gerrit?



On 12/07/2013 13:53, Laurent Goubet wrote:
Hi Ed, Adolfo,

Since you make code reviews frequently, you might gain from looking
into activating gerrit for OCL, you're just one bugzilla away from
activating it, and all it will change to your process is the URI of
your clones. If gerrit does not suit your needs, you are still free to
bypass it and push directly to master, but it does make reviewing
easier : no need to know what to pull and review, no need to switch
branch, easier to pinpoint the location of your remarks/comment, and
you can review directly from the Web UI if you do not wish to switch

You can look at one of the existing changes if you wish to see how it
looks like from the UI in question :

Laurent Goubet

Le 12/07/2013 14:38, Adolfo Sanchez-Barbudo Herrera a écrit :

On 12/07/2013 13:22, Ed Willink wrote:
Hi Adolfo

Branch edw/410682sr is accumulating a variety of fixes that can go into

Kepler SR1.

They are all restricted to examples and many only affect codegen.

Do you want to review them in detail pursuing extreme maintenance
review them superficially to see how they improve your familiarity with

the code,
I'll have a look to them. To be honest, I need to work some time with
code, to get familiarized. Occasional bugs reviewing knowledge
volatilize in a week time.

BTW, I think that it should be good using the review flag. However,
yesterday I was trying to create a Mylyn query to view tasks which
had a pending review and I didn't have luck.

Have you tried this before?. I think I'll raise an enhancement if
it's not possible.

or not review them at all now that SR releases may be further
development rather than

If you refer to "6 month release cycle", I decided not to follow the
thread since days ago. Too many people giving opinions, and it's not
a real matter to me. If any decision is made, please, let me know it.



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