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Re: [] OCL/Xtext Build timing

Hi Ed,

Apologies, for the delay in replying.

Promoting the examples code to a mature code, doesn't necessarily require changing its building time frame, a new OCL Editors feature could be built at +3. However, your proposal sounds very appealing since we would simplify releng activities (it would require a little time investment to revert to a 1 job/build layout).

I think that we could even have one build job with 1 rmap. With the current releng enhancement[1], we would only had to configure the same rmap to also consider Xtext Integration repositories when doing an

Our +1 build would probably take content from a more recent Xtext integration repostiory, whilst our +3 verification build (which takes place after Xtext produces a more updated Xtext milestones repository) would probably take content from the milestones one.

The only drawback I see, is that we should be careful to not to have the verification build automatically promoted during the night.


On 01/06/2013 07:24, Ed Willink wrote:
Hi Adolfo

Currently OCL Core is a +1 component, and Tools a +3 with an
inconvenient double build and contribution.

Once the tools are promoted to non-Examples we have a problem of
relative timing; late to follow Xtext, early to avoid delaying EMFq etc.

After Kepler and in preparation for a promotion of examples, I suggest
we notify cross-project that we will:
- contribute a +1 build "Mx" typically at 18:00 GMT against S-builds for
EMF and UML and I-builds for Xtext
- occasionally recontribute a maintenance only "Mxa" rebuild at +3 if
required by the Xtext S-build.

This will eliminate the need for two genuinely distinct builds. The only
difference between the builds need be the rmap: S-builds only for the +3
job, latest Xtext I/S for the +1 job.


+1 we run the +1 job and contribute "Mx"
+2 we run the +3 job and if automated/manually testing fails we debug
and fix
      +3 we run the +3 job and contribute "Mxa"

If Xtext continues to be good about producing I-builds we can hope that
we won't ever need a +3 rerun.


         Ed Willink
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