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[] OCL Tools RC4

Hi Ed,

The time I wanted to invest today in the Documentation review, only allowed me to check a couple of sections. There is a lot of documentation !!

I've just pushed a branch (asbh/doc) with some fixes. I'll open a bugzilla for a approval request.

Some minor comments/doubts

- Java API points to classic programmers guide. I guess that pointing to Pivot one will be made as soon as the code is promoted.

- I don't understand this classic console related phrase:

The classic Console provides a selection to determine whether the selected metamodel binding is that for objects (M2) or types (M1).

- In the papyrus integration one, I don't understand why you want/need to do the following distinction:

•class invariants to be observed by user models

•metaclass invariants to be observed by class diagrams

When the bugzilla is approved I'll start with OCL Tools RC4 build.


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