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Re: [] RC2+1

Hi Ed,

Providing that there will be some RC2 bits, this is my planning After having some lunch:

- Kick off the OCL Core RC2 (+1) build and publish it to properly have promoted downloadable zips.
On Tuesday's night for +3 contribution:
- Kick off the OCL Tools RC2 (+3) build and publish it.
- Configure Milestones composite repo to use the corresponding core/tools RC2 repository. Then, the aggregator would use new RC2 contribution.


On 27/05/2013 07:18, Ed Willink wrote:
Hi Adolfo

There are no changes for RC2+1 Core, so you could let it ride or go for
it whenever you're ready.

I'm still working on some Complete OCL UI funnies for RC2+3 Tools.


         Ed Willink
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