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Re: [] Quite Week

Hi Ed,

Comments in-lined below.


On 20/02/2013 11:32, Ed Willink wrote:

Veryu helpful, but...

I can't run bash scripts.

-committer_shell: ./ /bin/bash: bad interpreter: Text file busy

do I need more privileges?
If you are using a unique shell, I guess that you don't have the file opened by some vi editor or whatever. So a quick googled solution:

Give it a try.

At least it told me what to do.

md5sum -b {right-click} > {right-click}.md5

isn't that hard manually.

It looks like you ran out of enthusiasm for the second half.

The "ant -f /shared/modeling/tools/promotion/manage-composite.xml add
-Dchild.repository=..." is missing, and just saying to edit the XML in a
remote JAR is ducking the issue. How is this done?

As commented in the email, the final release day tasks are not documented yet. We can't make the releases composite repo add the new child repository otherwise we would be publicly publishing the new release before it's expected to be done. The only important thing we need to do during the quite week is copying the repository, so that all plugins/features are properly ready in mirrors by the final release day.

This afternoon I'll complete the information.



On 19/02/2013 21:19, Adolfo Sánchez-Barbudo Herrera wrote:
Hi Ed,

I've finally created some doc [1] with some tasks I do during the
quite week. Perhaps you (and any reader) may find some utils useful
for QVTo (and any other project).

I'll probably complete it with the remainder of tasks which are done
during the the final release day. Basically publish the downloable
zips and "link" the new release p2 repo to the updates/releases one.



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