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Re: [] Juno SR2 RC1


Or in the GIT History View, select two commits to compare and Compare With Each Other In Tree. No need to synchronize.

From reporting Bugs, it seems the History View is what is user-tested.



On 16/01/2013 14:16, Adolfo Sanchez-Barbudo Herrera wrote:
Not sure which view "it" is. You can certainly do this in the GIT
History View.

In the Git Repositories view:

1. Select the maintenance/R4_0 branch and Juno_SR1 tag
2. Right Click -> Synchronize each other
3. You now may check the changes between both repository states.

Very useful, isn't ?

Another way to do it:

1. Having the maintenance/R4_0 branch checked out.
2. Select Juno_SR1 tag
3. Right Click -| Synchronize with Workspace


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