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[] OCL 4.1M1

Hi Adolfo

There seem to be build complications at present:

EMF M1 is not yet out; don't know if there is a problem, but it makes timescales hard. Since it's the first milestone, the EMF 2.9milestones repo is empty so warm up builds for QVTo fail. As I write this, EMF and UML2 have now appeared.

The branch tests build has suddenly started to fail because org.eclipse.jdt.junit.runtime is not in the workspace; it isn't and never was and isn't in the plug-in requirements. Perhaps JDT/JUnit support has suddenly exposed an assumption.

I'm not confident that my current branch is ready to go, so rather than add to the trouble I suggest doing an almost no-change M1. Just use the very recent releng commit to get some of the updated rmap paths right.



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