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Re: [] Promotion of the Pivot binding and Xtext editors for Kepler


No. Because I will make time during the Kepler release cycle to review the code, since I want a Pivot-compatible version of the IA so that, for Kepler, the pivot is a 100% (optional) replacement for the Ecore/UML bindings.

To make progress we need a solution to polymorphic dispatch and decoupling from the existing OCL Standard Library pseudo-model.



On 21/05/2012 22:16, Axel Uhl wrote:
Do you think we can apply a similar process for IA promotion?

-- Axel

On 5/21/2012 7:27 PM, Ed Willink wrote:

Promoting the pivot binding code and associated editors provides a major
reviewing challenge, which under our current policy of everything being
reviewed means that promotion would never happen.

I see little alternative but to promote everything shortly after Kepler
and hope to be able to react to as many review comments as possible.
This will avoid projects such as Acceleo having to accommodate a much
later change to package names.

In the next couple of weeks I plan to provide documentation on the pivot
binding and will sort out the external API eliminating many duplicate
test code helpers and trying to replicate the existing OCL facade
classes as far as possible. This might clear 10 Bugzillas and give a
relatively stable target for Java users. The internal API will evolve a
little as strict alignment with UML 2.5 occurs and editor scoping is

Any objections/better ideas?


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