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[] Releng Bugzillas

Hi Adolfo

For Indigo we had 0 major, 65 normal active bugs.

Currently we have 0 major, 107 normal active bugs.

I'd like to get closer to the Indigo figure, which will be pretty good since we have 208 new bugs in the interval.

For the releng-ish bugs:

289763 Proposed plugin and feature re-organisation

I think we've done what little is relevant for now. A new bug later for Kepler promotion.

349300 Automate the creation of p2.mirrorsURL and p2.statsURI properties in the generated properties

Any chance of progress?

355912 Migrate PSFs to GIT

PSFs don't seem to fit the GIT mentality. Give up???

360611 P2 repository details

Perhaps resolvable/wontfix.

363208 Some zips are not packaged

Any chance of progress?

370347 Documentation for Releng  problems

This is not a bug; it can never be resolved. Please move to the wiki.

370361 Review OCL downloads page

Looks easy to finish

373065 Study an integrate the p2.index files

Any chance of progress?

373667 Merge Core and Tools build features content commonalities into a common build feature

Seems non-trivial. Do you really want to do this.

376722 Review unused dependencies

Resolved ??

376733 Prepare an updates/staging repository to feed the release train build

Looks nearly done ??



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