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Re: [] Indigo SR0 editors don't run on SR2

Hi Ed,

No problem about any suffix/preffix from the releng point of view. It's as easy as including it in the Build Alias. If we finally create new release after Indigo SR2, I'm also inclined to add some description specifically for the Category Name. For instance:

Eclipse OCL 3.1.2 (Xtext 2.2.1 compatible)

However, since Xtext ships 2.1.2 into Inidigo SR2, I hope there is not a real need for a new Release.


El 15/02/2012 7:17, Ed Willink escribió:

Xtext 2.2.1 for (SR2) appears to have changed 'internal' APIs and so attempting to run OCLinEcore 3.1.1 with Xtext 2.2.1 gives editor instantiation failures.

While this is clearly an Xtext problem, it isn't going to be fixed for SR2 or SR2a, we can just hope that itemis learn how many of their 'internal' APIs are actually external and avoid the problem in the future.

Anyway it is our user's problem, so I think we need to create a 3.1.2X release in which we regenerate editors and raise the lower bound on Xtext to 2.2.1 to force compatibility. This is of course not allowed in an SR, so it isn't an SR as such. Is an X suffix enough, or do we want a longer more distinct name? Adolfo: is there any spelling that is particularly easy for releng?


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