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Re: [] Pending code reviews

I'll start with reviewing 364806 now. Unfortunately, after pinging the webmaster since more than a week, they failed to avoid the expiry of my committer password. I won't be able to fetch/push anymore and probably for a while will also be unable to log on to anything Eclipse-like. I'm waiting for my password go get reset.

-- Axel

On 1/4/2012 10:30 PM, Ed Willink wrote:

The following bugs await review/comment.

Bug 362620 has a trivial OCLinEcore review pending for SR2.

Bug 363638 improves delegate resource usage.

Bug 364797 has a possible improvement to spurious internet access.

Bug 364806 has trivial StringBuilder/StringBuffer changes.

I've just pushed a delete for about four of my branches. In EGIT I just
delete all remote tracking branches and then allow a Fetch from Upstream
to recreate those that still exist.

Adolfo: it seems you didn't push the delete for about fouyr releng


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