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Re: [] Hudson branch tests

Hi Ed,

The tests build was created for testing purposes... so that we may ensure a good shape of a branch prior to merging into master/branch... Creating available artifacts was not the original intention... but if it were needed this could be reworked

Concerning the persmissions problem. I've also experienced that. Every time I change an .sh file the executable permission gets affected. I'm not sure if it's a problem of working in windows, it's a problem of EGit, there is a configurable option to avoid the problem ... I've not spent time to try to diagnose and/or find a solution for it.

In similar cases, I've quickly fixed the problem by manually changing the permissions via command-line:

git update-index –chmod=+x <file>


El 16/10/2011 12:48, Ed Willink escribió:

Too soon. It would be invaluable if it made the Update ZIP available, but it doesn't.

Trying to activate the post-buckminster script that seems to copy it hit a protection problem.


On 16/10/2011 07:02, Ed Willink wrote:

Thanks for making the branch tests job available even though I didn't think it was needed.

It is absolutely invaluable when using a full build, as I need to, to feel comfortable that the additional OCL2Java contribution to genmodel is not impacting on other genmodel activities.


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