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Re: [] Bad GIT Push


Ok, I think I've corrected things.

Adolfo: Your

[353403] - [releng] Create some releng infrastructure for
testing-purposed builds.
- Include the new buckminster scripts designed for testing

commit is now twice on the maintenance stream and not on the master stream. I suspect you want to CherryPick it to restore it, but better for you to fix it correctly than for me to make matters more confusing.

The mess:

I accidentally rebased a ...sr1 branch onto master rather than maintenance/R3_1 and it succeeded, updating my local master to merge maintenance/R3_1. I reset the ...sr1 branch hard onto itself and then rebased onto maintenance/R3_1. When I "Push"ed rather than "Push..."ed the merged master got pushed upstream. Result was:

I have now reset origin/master to [355790] ... 11986d90... removing the merge giving the more credible

So I think its just Adolfo's [353403] that may be adrift.

Sorry for the problem. I'll see if there is a way to make the default "Push" spec do nothing.


On 26/08/2011 08:32, Ed Willink wrote:

I think I've just managed to use EGIT to Push something bad. Will sort out. Please refrain from cleaning up/complicating yourselves.


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