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Re: [] EGit Guidelines

HI Axel

Once again, I've not received one of your mailing list messages... Fortunately it was appended to Larent's message.

I definitely succeeded in switching to the remote tracking branch. So far, this seems reasonable because I may only wish to review it.

However thereafter I managed to make changes. At no point did I create a similar local branch, which the list of local branches confirms.

I certainly committed changes from/to somewhere, and I'm fairly sure that it was on the local tracking branch, though after so many
resets and rebases I could have made a mistake.

Anyway, at least I've learnt another lesson without losing any significant code.



On 29/07/2011 15:15, Laurent Goubet wrote:
On 29/07/2011 15:44, Axel Uhl wrote:
If you checked out "bug/....." then you're on your local branch. A remote branch probably wouldn't even allow you to commit to it. I presume, your changes should be in your local bug/..... branch.

Not sure I understand your second question. When you fetch a remote branch into a local tracking branch, there should be two branch tags: remote/origin/bug/..... and bug/..... where the former is the tag for the remote branch which AFAIK only is modified by fetch/push operations, and the latter is your local branch which will be advanced, e.g., by commit, merge and rebase operations.

Usually, you work away on your local bug/..... branch by doing commits. At some point you may push the local branch to the remote (e.g., origin) which will automatically update your remote/origin/bug/..... tag to match the remote repository's bug/..... tag.

-- Axel

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