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Re: [] Download stats was: Building from git?

Hi Adolfo

No problem; our repository can be rebuilt if necessary. It's the EPP contribution that must be perfect.



On 17/06/2011 16:30, Adolfo Sánchez-Barbudo Herrera wrote:

El 17/06/2011 14:10, Ed Willink escribió:
Hi Adolfo

Good; at least some figures are better than none, even if we don't know whether one download by IBM is used by 10000 users and another 100 are all from one person.

But "our final Indigo release repository is ready" suggests that something is changing. Please clarify exactly what, because it may need approval and we want to avoid breaking anything.

I thought it was clear about the tasks I was doing, but no problem, I'll try to clarify:

- RC4 was an S-build which was published in our milestones repository [1].
- Indigo agregator uses our milestones repository to build the Indigo P2 repository [2].
- During the quiet week (after RC4), we need to prepare our own release repository [3].
- I've simply copied our RC4 p2 repository (from milestones) to the releases (instead of doing a new build).
- Apart from that, I've only added some metadata to the repository, with two intentions:
    1. Make our p2 repository content downloadable by mirror servers
    2. Enable our p2 repository content downloads stats.

So, we are free of any breakage (our indigo release repository has the same content as our RC4 Milestones repository and the Indigo one). Perhaps, I could have broken our releases repository itself, if the metadata were not properly set. However, I've been testing that the repository is accessible, and the proper content is installed, during this week

Also note our indigo release repository is not currently available (publicly visible) since the composite releases repository[4] still doesn't include the indigo's one. I'll do that next Wednesday (GA release, the 22th in June).

Finally, you have made me realize that, perhaps, our Indigo releases repository is used by the Modeling UI Discoverer. However, after reading the analysis I did in Bug 336499[5], it looks like that UI Discovery also uses the indigo repository, so... I wouldn't expect too many downloads stats.... We will definitely know in the future if somebody is using our P2 releases repository.


Best Regards,



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