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Re: [] Download stats was: Building from git?

Is there maybe a way to hook up to the anonymous statistics gathering that users can opt in for when installing Eclipse? I've never been looking at it from a committer's angle, but I would expect there to be some way we could collect information about who is really starting the bundles. Perhaps there are even APIs we could use in our implementations to collect more fine-grained information?

-- Axel

On 6/15/2011 2:14 PM, Willink, Ed wrote:
Hi Adolfo

I saw these threads and realised that stats was one of many things that we
could catch up on.

I think relative is equally intreresting to absolute, so even if mirrors are
lost hopefully it's in proportion.

How many users of Ecore wrt UML
How many users of Pivot wrt Ecore
How many users of IA wrt Ecore
How many users of Editors wrt Ecore

How many direct Ecore users compared to indirect Acceleo users


I'm not sure how many of these can be answered given the amount of parasitic
bundle downloading that goes on.

Just because UML is downloaded doesn't mean it's used.

I suspect that we will get an inclusive number that fails to distinguish
satisfied users from disappointed experimenters,
and for which the relative values are of limited meaning. (My personal OCL
downloads might be 50 per year!).

Hence, I didn't push to get these working.



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Sent: 15 June 2011 13:07
Subject: Re: [] Download stats was: Building from git?

Bad news,

I've been reading a long thread in cross project concerning download

Quiting David Williams:

"Any *'download.stats'*properties from your artifact
repository should
be copied over to the common one. "

So, since our milestones builds (RCs) didn't have said
properties, the downloads done from the indigo repository [1]
will never
be registered.

Downloads from our Indigo release repository [2] will be
registered, but
I'm afraid that most of potential downloads will probably
come from the
main Indigo one... Perhaps, the only advantage will be having
some kind
of information to know if somebody is using our releases repository...

On the other hand, I have more interesting comments:

- Quoting Martin Oberhuber:
"1. It is better to tie stats to a FEATURE rarther than a bundle.
Because bundles come
      in 2 variants (.pack.gz / .jar) so with a bundle you
have duplicate
work adding the
      stats tracker (and, the app from bug 310132 which auto-generates
stats properties
      doesn't support it).
1a) Note though that a commercial product which uses a
different feature
      structure than Eclipse Open Source (and so just gets
your bundle) won't
      be counted when you count feature access. That's likely
not relevant."

When automating, 1 should not be relevant. However 1a) comes with an
interesting question. Are we really interested in knowing if other
components downloads an ocl plugin (for instance Acceleo, or whoever
depends on Eclipse OCL) ?:
     - Yes: We should probably track download stats from
plugin (the core plugin, which will always exist if somebody wants
Eclipse OCL).
     - No: Just tracking features should suffice.


Best Regards,

El 15/06/2011 11:16, Adolfo Sánchez-Barbudo Herrera escribió:
Hello All,

El 14/06/2011 16:44, Adolfo Sánchez-Barbudo Herrera escribió:

Likewise, there should be some stats recording from our release
repository. I'll need to check some test results, which will be
tracked by the download stats tools tomorrow. The tool to
check the
stats may be accessed through the portal (thanks Laurent
for pointing
this tool out):
Here we have the results. The test was installing the OCL
End User SDK
in a clean Indigo RC4 Eclipse Classic installation:


Query took 0.065 sec (0.007 connect time)
File (click for daily stats) 	Count
/stats/org.eclipse.ocl.feature 	1
/stats/org.eclipse.ocl.all.sdk.feature 	1

2 records found. 	2

The features which are currently tracked are the following:
- org.eclipse.ocl
- org.eclipse.ocl.all.sdk
- org.eclipse.oxl.examples

The conclusion is: Installing the OCL End User SDK
(org.eclipse.ocl.all.sdk feature) also make the included
features be
registered (in this case, the org.eclipse.ocl one).

So I think that it could be interesting making all the features be
tracked instead of simply using the ocl.all.sdk.feature one. The
reasons are:
- We could track if any other thirdparty P2 repository tried to
download a narrow feature from our release repository (i.e OCL Core
SDK, OCL Runtime, etc.. )
- We could have an idea if the feature organization is
being useful.
If OCL End User SDK has the same hints as OCL Core SDK,
means that the
latter is not being used/useful for our clients).

Apart from making all our features be registered I want to
do a couple
of things more:
1. Now I want to install the OCL Examples in a clean installation.
Examples doesn't include other features, but depend
on/requires some
plugins (also ocl plugins). I would like to know what
happens in this
case. I suppose that the depending plugins will be simply
from the repository, and no hints for the other features will be
registered (I think that this is the same situation for downstream
projects such as Acceleo). We could also register hints for plugins
(perhaps the narrower one: org.eclipse.ocl), although I
read somewhere
that it's better to register hints from our features (I'll
try to look
for more information about this).

2. Add some version information of the feature so that different
repositories (even nightly/milestones) have different stats for the
same feature. I was thinking about trailing the feature
version behind
the feature name. However, this would make harder to track
the content
registered for the repository in the portal web UI. So
instead of having:

I was think about trailing the version in the beginning:


Another interesting alternative: Including our project name
and build


Thoughts ?

Best Regards,
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