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Re: [] EclipseCon Europe


possible. I agree that particularly the IA should be presented from a user's point of view. I can volunteer to talk about our use of OCL for

 - model constraints
 - attribute grammars with incremental re-evaluation based on IA
 - their use in a textual modeling framework

I think this is a talk different from an OCL introduction which again would be good to have. Maybe we should be looking at two submissions then?

When is the deadline for submissions?

-- Axel

On 05/31/2011 09:30 PM, Ed Willink wrote:
Hi Team

What shall we do for EclipseCon Europe?

We could do a tutorial, but may hit the same problem as at Santa Clara,
an OCL for dummies or a lots of OCL for modellers.

I can see a quite interesting "OCL in Action" shortish talk, primarily
by Axel, on how OCL really helps at SAP.
Perhaps we could extend with half hour tutorial before hand so that
attendees don't get totally lost.
Perhaps the presentation could be carefully ordered so that regular 5
minute 'lemmas' introduce relevant concepts.
I think this talk should very much be focussed on this is what OCL does
for you, rather than this is the clever
technology in Eclipse OCL, so the Impact Analyzer certainly deserves a
mention, but only as a magic tool that
helps. We won't explain how the parser works so we don't explain how the
IA works, just explain why it's good.

I would like to have OCL 3.2.0 ready with Java CodeGen for genmodel and
IA using the pivot model and some pivot evaluator
performance enhancements. So examples.library and examples.pivot
promoted but not examples.xtext till Juno.



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