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Re: [] Eclipse OCL 3.1.0 RC3

Hi Adolfo

The Download for docbook zips failed while I watched. So it's failed now.

It seems that with limited network connectivity, the download may be a problem.

Option 1:

revert the documentation to the non-auto-generated form.
will probably need a retry, so realistically 3 builds through a massive
slow Hudson queue.

Option 2:

manually do the zip downloads so that they don't need a get each build

Option 3:

notify cross-project-issues that RC3 will be late.
- the only changes are examples and doc (? and source bundles)
-- very unlikely to affect other projects: they can use RC2
- hopefully connectivity will be back within 24 hours

I favour starting on 3, and see how David Williams reacts. I'm sure other projects will stretch too.



On 30/05/2011 21:08, Adolfo Sanchez Barbudo wrote:
I did the change to the master... it's not really worthy since it is an N build... the point is that now I can't either stop the running job nor start a new one .... :\

Let me know you are able...


2011/5/30 Ed Willink <ed@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Hi Adolfo

It's now back but slave1 is offline. A job is waiting.

It looks like slave1 has been re-routed to master. Is it even worth letting it run?



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