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Re: [] Ramp down to Indigo - Bugzillas

Hello Team,

Just a reminder about how to act, concerning changes after RCs:

Last year we had assumed/were allowed to do changes in examples plugins without any pain. So, policies above apply to changes in the following plugins:

- org.eclipse.ocl
- org.eclipse.ecore
- org.eclipse.uml


I could spend some reasonable hours to do investigations and/or try to fix any bug you consider. Simply have in mind that I'm not familiar with our Editors/Xtext stuff.

El 12/05/2011 8:31, Ed Willink escribió:
Hi Team
I plan to try to look at:

192907 - import
276519 - oclIsTypeOf(A::B::C)
323741 - BType.allInstances()
328288 - EAnnotation.references
325974 - file navigation
286931 - OpaqueExpression
318076 - OCL edit for UML editor
337230 - UML user ZIP
340853 - UML constraint evaluation
341600 - Refactor->Rename
341601 - Find references
341602 - URI resolution
341932 - evaluation abort
344523 - throttle errors
259922 - OCL Example
289660 - OCL Console duplicates

I've done about a third of these and hope to do the reference/URI related ones this weekend.

Last night, I achieved one of my major Indigo goals which was to contribute an integration of the Essential OCL editor for Papyrus UML; 'available' in Bug 345330. (Apologies for the Hudson testing hiccough; rescuing UML2Ecore's genmodel OCL broke a couple of round trips equivalences- the Ecore annotation originating from OCL embedded as LiteralStrings in UML, as described at EclipseCon 2008, are now converted to OCL delegate form by the Ecore to Pivot conversion.)

I plan to spend next week, as a user, using the editor tooling to develop debugged OMG OCL constraints with respect to UML definitions of OMG OCL models. This should allow major useability howlers to be fixed in RC2.

Then documentation for RC3 and web-pages for release.



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