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Re: [] Break


El 02/05/2011 18:07, Ed Willink escribió:
Hi Adolfo

Hope you glad a pleasant break.
Sure !!!. Galicia and Asturias are very recommendable places to visit ;)

I've finally come to the office to deal with the deal

I think it's all ready to just run M7. All major commits are in. Just possibly I may commit a couple of minor NPE/assertion fixes; if they're in great; if not they'll wait and just clutter up the user's log file.

I'm waiting for UML milestone. Meanwhile, I'll try to select among the huge amount of emails to read ;P... I expect to do the milestone in 15-30 mins ;). Let me know if this is an enough time frame for you.

Now that we're on Buckmister 3.7 there a lot of stack traces in the log file. Can these be cured?
Yep. Some of weird logs will disappear as soon as Buckminster 3.7 M7 is set to be used by hudson's servers. I think that some of them will remain (for instance, those related to API Tooling exceptions) since one of the buckminster guy didn't have any clue about it[1]... It will need investigation.


Best Regards,



On 21/04/2011 23:45, Adolfo Sanchez Barbudo wrote:
Ed, Axel,

I'll be offline nearly two weeks.

I'll be back to work the 4th, in May.

Our M7 (+1) is the 2nd, in May. I'll be coming back from a trip that day, so that I've planned to do our stable build at home (21:00 -22:00 GMT). Therefore, no releng action will be required by you, in principle ;)

During the next week I won't probably have access to internet.

I hope you enjoy the last weeks prior to M7 ;)

Best Regards,
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