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Re: [] Build failed in Hudson: buckminster-mdt-ocl-core-3.1-nightly #393


No chance  to a delayed trigger for depending jobs...

Another possibility is trying the "Build when a URL's content changes". We could point to the Xtext nightly repository. Hopefully they only publish one time with a nightly automatically executed script as we do.

Best Regards,
El 07/04/2011 18:21, Ed Willink escribió:
Hi Adolfo

Yes. I was worried about server resources too. Xtext probably does 4 times as many builds as we do.

I could see how to configure the dependency, subject to getting the spelling correct, but I couldn't see how to put a time delay in.

I think building 6 hours after an Xtext build would be better, with the 6 hour delay restarting with each Xtext build, so if they have a busy day building every 2 hours, we wouldn't build till their day was over.

If it's easy let's do it, but I don't think it is, so probably best left alone.



On 07/04/2011 17:46, Adolfo Sánchez-Barbudo Herrera wrote:

The idea sounds good to me. I really thought there was a problem with the last Axel's commit. Looking at console log removes any doubt about the problem's origin, though.

On the other hand it has an inconvenience, we are "wasting" server resources to produce the exact same build (artifacts).

After looking at our job configuration, doing what you want should be very easy... Just let me know that the new point of view is not blocking...

Best Regards,
El 07/04/2011 17:23, Ed Willink escribió:
Hi Adolfo

Setting our builds to use the latext Xtext repositories has clearly been very beneficial, we find the problem within a day or two rather than as we prepare a milestone release.

However the failure will usually occur triggered by an SCM change, so as in this case Axel made a minor change and the build broke; a bit disconcerting for him.

Perhaps we should automatically build after an Xtext build so that we catch the API changes earlier, and don't get confused between breakages from our commits and from upstream changes.



On 07/04/2011 16:52, Ed Willink wrote:
Error: file<,>  line 156: The method getTextWithoutHidden(INode) is undefined for the type NodeModelUtils
Error: file<,>  line 141: The method getTextWithoutHidden(ICompositeNode) is undefined for the type NodeModelUtils
Error: file<,>  line 151: The method getTextWithoutHidden(INode) is undefined for the type NodeModelUtils
Another Xtext API change post M6. Workaround looks easy. Should be available shortly.


        Ed Willink

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