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Re: [] Stable Javadoc URL?

I don't have ssh permissions, so can't run the publishing job. Are you saying that a non-Javadoc build that follows a Javadoc build before publishing is performed, no Javadoc will be published even though the previous Javadoc-enabled build built it?

-- Axel

On 4/4/2011 1:00 PM, Adolfo Sánchez-Barbudo Herrera wrote:
To be "current" a build needs to be said to create the javadoc, and that
build needs to be published.

The promotion script automatically runs at 8:30 am (GMT) and the last
successful build is used. It might happen that even thought marking the
build to create Javadoc, this one is not finally published. This usually
occurs if a new build is run (manually or automatically) without setting
the javadoc creation before the promotion starts.

To ensure javadoc publishing you need to manually publish the build [1].

Best regards,


El 04/04/2011 11:42, Axel Uhl escribió:
The Javadoc at
is still not current. Where is the current / up-to-date one?

-- Axel

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