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[] Question about BPMNPlanes

Hi all,

I'm not sure I understand the relationship of BPMNPlane elements to other DI model elements. It seems to me that you should be able to have containment of a BPMNPlane in a BPMNShape, something like this:

  <bpmndi:BPMNDiagram id="BPMNDiagram_1" name="Default Process Diagram">
    <bpmndi:BPMNPlane id="BPMNPlane_1" bpmnElement="process_1">
      <bpmndi:BPMNShape id="BPMNShape_1" bpmnElement="StartEvent_1">
        <dc:Bounds height="36.0" width="36.0" x="100.0" y="100.0"/>

          <bpmndi:BPMNShape id="BPMNShape_2" bpmnElement="EndEvent_1">
            <dc:Bounds height="36.0" width="36.0" x="500.0" y="100.0"/>

When I try this, the XML parser tells me that "Feature 'BPMNPlane' not found." What am I missing here? Is this even allowed?

Robert ("Bob") Brodt
Senior Software Engineer
JBoss by Red Hat

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